How do I receive a quote?


Quotes are given on an opening day. We are not a first come first come business, though we pick which designs that please us. Opening dates are stated on the website. For more updates and information, please visit Wanderlust Suits Twitter.



Can I still commission you even though I am a minor with my parent helping? 

 No, sadly. It would make me more comfortable if you were over the age of 18 years due to legal issues, and know you are serious about commissioning 


How long does it take you to work on a fursuit?

It really depends on what type that is wanted. Though approximately it would be ranging from a few weeks to a month (depending on your spot in my queue.) But if anything major occurs I will let my commissioners know. 



Can I commission you for my birthday, a convention, holiday, etc?


As said in my terms of service, deadlines are not guaranteed. I work things in on my own time, although with the suggested deadline dates they must be reasonable and within my timeline of making. 



Where do you purchase your fur?

I purchase upon a variety of websites like fabric.comfursuitsupplies.comfabric empire.comsyfabrics.commendels.commohairbearmakingsupplies.co.uk, imstuffedfur.com, and more!




What are Duct tape dummies and how do I make one?

Duct tape dummies are only for my use of making fullsuits like plantigrade and digitigrade bodies. It helps me with the accuracy of a good fit and movement once you get your suit. There are many tutorials online on how to make one. Though I do trust Made Fur You's tutorial on how to make one.



Do you offer glasses room inside your heads?

Yes, I do! I am a glasses user myself upon fursuiting. Do let me know upon commissioning me if you need glasses space.



What are plantigrade/Digitigrade fullsuits?

Plantigrade is making your legs look more humanoid, meaning your heals touch the ground as you walk. Some plantigrade suits can include padding on the thighs and butt area to make it more accurate to the animal chosen.  Digitigrade accustoms to look more anatomically correct animal legs, like a dog, cat, etc. It includes padding in the thigh, butt, and calf. 



What material do you make your digitigrade/plantigrade padding out of?

I make foam pillows that can easily be removable from your bodysuit. They are stuffed with poly-fill that can be easy for washing purposes. 


Do you only make parts like hand-paws, tails, and feet? 


No, I do not. I enjoy making the entire costume as it will transition better that way. 



How do you make fursuits? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I've gotten, yet it's the most hardest to explain as it is just a general question, and not specific. I will not answer these types of questions. There are many tutorials on how to start, so please do some research before asking any question!



Do you line your suits?

Heads, feet, and hand-paws are lined but not the bodysuit. You must wear protective clothing underneath that helps you keep cool. Under Amour-HeatGear is best recommended when active in your suit. 



Do you need a reference sheet when commissioning you?

Yes of course! It would help me in the long run if a three view reference sheet was provided. Descriptions of what is wanted I do not take in as it personally takes my time off of what is important. 



Do you take in international shipping?

Yes I do! Though I would advise that international shipping is a lot more expensive than shipping within the United States. Please mention on where you live once you submit a quote. 


What forms of money do you take? 

Paypal is safest in my opinion and I do have both. All money being transferred must be in USD (United States Dollars)



Do you show WIPs? (work in progress photos)

I am super well known for showing tons of pictures as the fursuit is in progress. I keep in close contact with my client, in any case, something must be changed, or knowing when to move on!



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